plique-a-jour enamel jewelry miniature stained glass Diane Almeyda

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plique-a-jour enamel jewelry miniature stained glass Diane Almeyda

Miniature Stained Glass & Contemporary Plique-a-Jour Enamels

by Enamel Artist Diane Echnoz Almeyda

plique-a-jour morning glory bowl


Welcome to the rare and fascinating world of plique-a-jour enameling. Here, ribbons of precious gold and silver filigree wire are fused with specially formulated glass to create breathtaking vessels, jewelry, and objets d'art, as well as scale miniature stained glass windows, lamps, and panels for use by dollhouse collectors and enthusiasts, as well as in architectural models.

The appearance of plique-a-jour enamels readily brings to mind the skilled craftsmanship of great Art Nouveau jewelers and artists such as Rene Lalique, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Peter Carl Faberge.

Considered a technical "tour de force" in enameling, this most beautiful and most difficult of enameling techniques - plique-a-jour, (which loosely translates as "light of day") - is sometimes referred to as "backless cloisonné" because of the appearance of the fine silver or gold filigree wire "veins" running through areas of transparent and translucent glass (vitreous) enamel.




Jewelry medallion in 18K gold

Fine silver and 18K gold jewelry medallions resemble

miniature stained glass windows

Please visit my Gallery to view a selection of:

  • Scale miniature stained glass lamps
  • Scale miniature stained glass windows for dollhouse or architectural applications
  • Scale miniature stained glass panels for dollhouses or architectural applications
  • Plique-a-jour enameled jewelry
  • Plique-a-jour enamel vessels
  • Plique-a-jour enameled objets d'art

All items are made using the plique-a-jour enameling technique using precious metals and real glass.

If you are interested in proposing a commission, whether for a dollhouse, architectural model, jewelry, or art piece, please contact me via the contact form on this website.

Thank you for your interest.

Diane Echnoz Almeyda

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plique-a-jour enamel jewelry miniature stained glass Diane Almeyda


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